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Space Heating 

Space heating makes up approximately 60% of the energy bill. Hot water accounts for 25%  and 15% is electricity consumption for the average family home. Think about that for a minute. Almost 85% of the load is for heating and hot water. If you can reduce your heating bill thats a real reduction in the average monthly bill. 

Save your money with the SolarSheat 

After you have managed to reduce your energy footprint by installing better insulation, energy efficient windows and appliances, investing in a new high efficiency furnace, a wood stove, weatherproofing your home, installing programmable thermostats, low energy lighting and lastly turning down the thermostat, solar energy seems like the logical choice. The SolarSheat is a simple and affordable system that can reduce your monthly heating bill and provide years of clean, free energy. 


Make your own power! 

Solar energy allows you to manufacture your own power and heat. The SolarSheat can provide up to a 30% savings on your space heating portion of your bill. That means a direct savings on your energy bill for space heating. Combined with other energy efficient measures as mentioned above, a dramatic savings can take place which means lower bills!  

All of us want a lower monthly bill. The SolarSheat can save you real money at an affordable price. 

Isn't time for the SolarSheat?