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SolarSheat for Container Home/Cottage

This weeks installation shows a singleSolarSheat installed on a container with the interior work underway. Eventually there will be two SolarSheats installed to heat the cottage. Installation in Maine, USA. The SolarSheat makes a perfect supplementary heating system for a container office, cottage or home!

Michael Nicastro container inside.JPG

14 year old SolarSheat installation Huntsville Ontario

A customer contacted me last week who purchased an original grey non glazed transpired SolarSjheat from my first dealer The Solar Store in Gravenhurst Ontario.  He remarked on how impressive it was and asked if I still had glass for it.  We originally made it without glass for fresh air.  He installed it on his hybrid home in Huntsville Ontario. He loaded it on his roof of the Honda Civic and took a picture of me before leaving.  I was astonished that the product even from the beginning still lives and works great!  

Grey 1500GS Grey no glass huntsville.JPG
1500G Grey non glazed installed huntsville.JPG

SolarSheat 1500G Prototype with Titantium Absorber 2009

A customer recently installed in Beaverton Ontario a 1500G prototype with the advanced next generation coating TINOX to heat his 1000 square foot garage.  Perfect south south west exposure with no obstruction or tree line. 

1500G Advanced prototype from 2009 

1500G Advanced prototype from 2009 

SolarSheat 1500G - 2008 installation

I received a call from a lady in Rhode Island who was residing her home. She needed new collars for the outside of the home to reinstall a SolarSheat 1500G. The system has been performing well since 2008.  The installer sent me this image.  Looks like new! 

Rhode Island 1500G 2008.JPG

Winter Garden Customer update

A customer sent in his spring winter garden planting.  He has been eating from it for about 3 weeks now. Vegetables planted beets,carrots,arugola, radicchio and lettuce.

Rob C Winter Garden.JPG

Development of Winter Garden Lite - Double lid

I had another idea for the Winter Garden; a double lid. This is ideally suited for the larger Winter Garden but decided to prototype it on a Winter Garden Lite. The dual lid can be used for one side of the garden that is opened more regularly for accessing herbs for cooking while the other side can be for growing vegetables.