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Colorado 2 x 1500HE
SolarSheat 1500GS x 2 - Nebraska
SolarSheat 1500HE - Minnesota
SolarSheat 1500HE  Boulder, Colorado (Garage)
John Tarr road photo.JPG
4-1500GS Bend, Oregon
Shashi Katrine 1500GS Roof Mount.JPG
France  - cottage 1000GS Roof Mount
North Dakota - 2 x 1500GS
1500GS SolarSheat Container/Cottage Maine
1500GS integrated in roof location -France
Solarsheat 1500GS x 3 - Nova Scotia
Southern California - 1500GS-DC
Residence- Northern Italy
Acqa Care Solar.JPG
1500GS horizontal roof mount - location France
Solar Furnace-1500GS x 3 Colorado
1500GS-DC, Edmonton
Mountain View CA.JPG
Iowa side shot 2 x 1500GS Roof Mount.JPG
Residence - Maine - 1500G/S 2PAK
Residence 4-1500GS - Maryland
SolarSheat 1500HE 2PAK
Edmonton Canada - Home 2 x 1500GS-DC
SolarSheat 500GS-DC Garage heating - Iowa USA
France - Villa 1000GS
Missouri - Residence 2 x 1500GS AC
enCORE House Ohio State University
Cottage - Vogues France - 1000G
2015-08-30 11.52.48.JPG
SolarSheat 1500GS Roof Mount with Stand and PV cell
8 - 1500G Apartment Complex, Japan
Residence Pennsylvania - 3 - 1500GS
1500GS collector closeup.JPG
Residence - Maryland 3-1500GS SolarSheat
Residence - Ottawa - 1500G/S 2PAK
SolarSheat 1500GS-AC Roof Mount, Bradford, Ontario
Vermont Residence - 1500GS-DC
Rodeo Homes - Newmarket Ontario
Toronto Home
Residence Nova Scotia - 1000G
Residence - New Mexico - 2 pairs 1500GS
Residence - 1000G
Residence Maine - 4-1500GS
Residence - Missouri -1500G/S 2PAK
Residence -Connecticut -2 -1500GS
1502GS Landscape.jpg
2pak Ottawa.jpg
1500GS Chile South America
Residence - New Brunswick - 6-1500GS
Shed - King City - 1000G
Residence - Scarborough - 1500G
Residence Net Zero Home Minto - Ottawa - 2 - 1500G
Garage Workshop - 1500G
Residence - 1500G/S 2PAK
Residence - 2-1500G/S 2PAK, 1000G
Residence - Solar HRV(1500GS)
Windsor - Envirohome - 2 -1500G
Nebraska Farm 1500GS 2PAK AC
Mobile Home 1500G.jpg
Don Mills 2PAK.JPG
Entire Roofline 2.jpg
house and windmillSept 001.jpg
France - cottage 1000GS
Acqua Care Solar 2.JPG
greenergy site photos-Woroby 132.jpg
house and windmillSept 003.jpg
jason Falldorf Nebtraska.jpg
SolarSheat 1500G - Rhode Island (2008)
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